Land Forest People takes time to know the community.
We see land, water, plants, animals, fish, and people as all connected.


Land, Water, and Resource Stewardship Planning

Sustainable communities exercise culturally-appropriate and environmentally-sound planning to achieve the physical, economic, and spiritual wellbeing across generations. We support communities in articulating and asserting their vision for the land and resources.

Land Use Research & Representation

Communities have intimate knowledge from generations of lives lived on the land; preserving and sharing this knowledge is key to the preservation of cultural keystone species and practices. We help communities record and mobilize traditional ecological knowledge through traditional use and occupancy research, biography mapping, guardianship and monitoring programs, with in-house GIS support.

Integrated Strategic Planning

Finding synergies across past, present, and future projects is essential to maximize efficiency and minimize community expenditure. Land Forest People supports communities in weaving the fabric of a comprehensive stewardship program, drawing together achievements made in land use planning, land code, emergency management planning, comprehensive community planning, and more.

Policy Development

Land governance is a fundamental component of any title and rights program. We support Nations in setting policies, procedures, and implementation priorities and protocols for on- and off-reserve land use and development through Land Code, land use planning, informed site planning, emergency preparedness, waste management, and housing planning.


Community Engagement

The success of any policy or project rests on finding and fulfilling community vision – on achieving internal social license. Land Forest People is present in community and on the land– our first role in any project is to listen, to reflect, and to seek validation of community vision through early and ongoing community engagement. We use traditional and social media to share information and seek input in ways that are attractive, graphic, and accessible.

External Relationships

We can assist Nations in connecting with strategic business partners in land development and service provision to help address and extend community-driven priorities and vision.